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About MBACompany Culture
Core Value of MBA: Good Quality, High Efficiency and Believable Assurance

Our core value is the core belief rooted deep inside MBA , the internal motivation which facilitates MBA and our joint commitment to the future to ensure that we consistently provide competent services to customers, which always exceed expectations of customers.

About Us

Honesty, Integrity, Respect

MBA believes that the mold manufacturing is not just a series of process to achieve the expected results, it is more important to understand the customers' specific requirements, to work together to solve problems and to ensure that all the expectations are met. We are proud of what we have done. When there are complex situations, we know how to maintain a kind of positive attitude because our clients need us. MBA's effect continues to grow every year and MBA are always setting new goals and constantly realizing them.

Our Five Main Service Philosophy
Our ability to provide outstanding mold service is the direct result of our team adhering to our five big guidelines.
1. Become a true extension of your business

Responsibilities are detailed to each department of MBA; information sharing, flow integration; communicating with customers and finding out problems actively.

2. Become a real expert in mold industry

Learn more about our customers' business so that we can identify which emerging and unique technologies can be used to benefit our customers.

3. Regard customers' problems as a welcome opportunity to create innovative solutions

Treat any customer's problems as our problems; treat challenges as opportunities for breakthroughs in design, manufacturing and etc.

4. Always keep the authoritative position of the continuously developing technology in all respects

Recognize the importance of keeping pace with the latest technology so that MBA can always provide sharp advantages.

5. Deliver every service solution with 100% honesty and integrity

In every business relationship, MBA always persists in the values of authenticity, respect, fairness and diligence, which are the foundation of the MBA.

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